Plan with the Pricing Calculator

The Pricing Calculator helps you plan out how many API credits different generations use. You can use it to test out various configurations and see how many API credits might be consumed.

In the example below, we use the following settings:

  • Number of images = 4
  • Image Dimensions = 512 x 512
  • Step Count = 30

This results in a cost of 11 API credits.

Pricing Calculator for Production API

Pricing Calculator for Production API



The cost of generating 1 image versus multiple images may be the same. You can leverage this in your design. For example, if you notice that your end users are regenerating multiple times, you may consider increasing the Number of Images parameter and offer them a selection of images upfront.

Monitoring and Tracking API Credits

The Create a Generation of Images API endpoint returns apiCreditCost in the response. You can use this to monitor and track your API credits usage.

Sample Response:

  "sdGenerationJob": {
    "apiCreditCost": 11

On the Leonardo web app, you can also observe the changes in your API credits on the upper right corner.

Checking your available API Credits

Checking your available API Credits

If you need help with budgeting or would like to learn more about our Custom API plans, please contact us.