Manage Usage with Auto Top-up

The production API's auto top-up feature helps you manage your available API credits and ensure that you are providing continued service to your end users.

To set up auto top-up, navigate to the API Access page. The auto top-up feature will appear when you have an active API plan.

Set a trigger to specify the number of API credits that will trigger the top-up. Once you fall under this number, an auto top-up will occur.

Click on "Turn auto top-ups on" button to activate the feature.

Last, you can modify the top-up amount using the "Change auto top-up" button.

Setting an Auto Top-up via the API Access Page

Setting an Auto Top-up via the API Access Page


Best Practice

Forecast you usage and plan how much API credits you need. (See: Plan with the Pricing Calculator)

If you need help with usage or would like to learn more about our Custom API plans, please contact us.